- BRAD PARSCALE (about the U.S. presidential elections)
'Facebook and Twitter were the reason we
won this thing.'
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“lyzR™ revolutionizes news-wire production and services. How to be faster and leave your competitors standing while having a coffee break."
Zoltán SzabóHead of Content Development and Management at Index.hu Zrt
"lyzR™`s power of real-time information is an essential resource to attain your objectives and help to address the captive pool of consumers all over the world.”
Henriett Királyháziweb PR
“lyzR™ speaks for the future. Extremely exciting to be able to track on the immediate effect of a publication on people’s mind.”
Zsófia LakatosPresident of the Hungarian Public Relations Association

What lyzR™ is? What is it for? 

A Well-classified compilation of billion daily social media interactions, as information indicates the highest efficiency of mass communication ever.


Now with lyzR™, you are able to make your decisions based on real-time statistics instead of using follow up analysis. Regular social media activity is highly concerned by emotions, thus it says far more about the media consumer, than a reach.


Our mission is to support decision making involving people’s opinion for a more efficient society.”

Millions of sources

lyzR™ indexing millions of sources on multiple languages continuously, almost in real-time, thus you can get all the information you interested in. lyzR™ can handle the following source types: On-line media sources (RSS), Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter pages, Instagram profiles and YouTube channels.

#autotagging – Tagging and analyzing discovered content

lyzR™’s text analyzing system indexes all newly discovered content and tagging them by our auto-tagging method. With auto-tagging, you can be notified about every significant change in your observations.

Monitoring interactions

lyzR™ follows up discovered content, it collects all the available interactions on the major social media sites and shows you in a well-structured meaningful way.

#APRS – Content ranking system

lyzR™’s Article Popularity Ranking System is ranking posts by interactions, so it can show you immediately what matters the most. From now on you will see how active is the society in any topic you are interested in.

Real-time statistics

Meaningful reports for a push of a button

The report below is also made by pushing a single button

Pre-viral content discovery

lyzR™ can discover what will be hot when you still can touch it 😉

Unique set of features


Create observations as you like from these sources: key phrases, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr pages or Youtube channels

Real-time analytics

about posts, observations or even combination of observations in any time interval

Best content first

You can sort your observations by date or by popularity, so you can see always what matters the most


You can generate reports and article lists and export them easily sorted by popularity or date

Made with lyzR™

A hónap, amikor Orbán bekerült a világpolitikába, és lehagyta Merkelt


Miért áll ilyen jól a Fidesz? Négy év közéleti tematizálása egyetlen képen


A tanárlázadás még a netadónál is népszerűbb téma


A titokzatos támogató, akire Orbán gondolhatott


Tartalomfogyasztás és -megosztás a Facebookon (2016)

Magyar Tartalomszolgáltatók Egyesülete és a lyzR™ közös tanulmánya

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